What Does A Professional Toastmaster Do At A Wedding? Gain an insight from a profesional wedding toastmaster.

Professional Toastmaster for weddingsYou may think that a Toastmaster is simply employed to arrange the toasts at a wedding but in-fact, the role is extremely important and varied. A professional Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies plays a huge and highly significant part at a wedding, and one which is vitally important to ensure the smooth running of the day. The Toastmaster can really help to take the pressure off the bride and groom on their wedding day, and deal with those finer details which would often otherwise be forgotten. As such, the Toastmaster has to be an extremely organised individual, with excellent attention to detail.

Initially, the Toastmaster would help with the planning and co-ordination of the wedding, and advise on any areas which may be causing concern or uncertainty to the bride and groom. They would ensure that the bride and groom understand what is expected of them, and the role the Toastmaster would play in the events of the day.

On the day of the wedding, the Toastmaster would meet and greet guests and the bride and groom as they arrive at the reception, and also organise the gifts into an orderly fashion. They would also put the gifts away in a safe area, but one which the wedding party are aware of. It is essential that the photographs from the wedding are special, and as such, the Toastmaster would liaise with the photographer and/or video team, to ensure these turn out as well as possible.

As Master of Ceremonies, the Toastmaster is highly experienced in all aspects of a wedding and as part of their role, they will organise the receiving line, so that the bride and groom speak to everyone as they arrive at the reception. They will also take the bride and groom to their seats, and ensure guests are seated correctly and are content with the arrangements. The Toastmaster will also take responsibility for organising the speeches and toasts, so that they are timed to perfection and everyone is aware of when to take their turn.

Subsequently, the Toastmaster would make the necessary arrangements for the evening event, ensuring that all aspects of it are arranged to suit the requirements of the bride and groom. This may include introducing the DJ and/or band, and helping out with the buffet provisions.

They would also ensure that the gifts, guest-book etc. are taken to the allocated room and everyone is happy and content with the proceedings. The Toastmaster should always be on hand to answer any queries the wedding party may have, and at all times ensure they know exactly what is expected of them.

Fundamentally, the Toastmaster should help the event to flow and ensure time allocations are adhered to throughout the day. They should be friendly and approachable, and help the bride and groom to feel comfortable and happy. As it is such an important day, the Toastmaster will have the necessary knowledge to make it extra special for the happy couple.

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