5 Tips for making your wedding day go smoothly from a professional wedding toastmaster

wedding toastmaster wales saves stressed bridesIt’s meant to be the best day of your life – and for most people it is.

Though the day can pass quickly it’s important that every detail is planned so there are no unexpected emergencies and for everything to go to plan.

As a leading Wedding Toastmaster I have witnessed some fantastic, well organised weddings –and also some not very good ones!

Here are my five top ten tips to help your wedding day run smoothly:

Make a timetable for the day

I can’t stress how important a schedule is. With a timetable of what is happening and when, everyone will be informed and aware of what needs to be done. Preparing the schedule also gives you an opportunity to see what you may have overlooked. Obviously, it’s going to be very difficult to fix on the big day itself should there be something crucial missing!

You will need to write down everything such as hair, make-up, breakfast, bouquets along with a list of suppliers and their contact numbers.

Remember too to schedule some time in for your new wife/husband.

And then you need to keep to your schedule!

Give directions with your wedding invitations

Again, this is such an obvious thing to do but easily overlooked. Essentially this is to ensure that everyone can find the church or venue and not turn up late. Not everyone plans their trip ahead so having directions leaves no room for poor excuses about not being able to find the church!

It also means you can safely turn your phone off knowing you don’t have to give directions at the last minute when you should be focussed on the wedding itself.

Make someone responsible for the gifts/cards

It’s a simple task but necessary. People will be relieved that someone is taking care of their gift and placing it safely with the others. There’s nothing worse than having guests carry gifts most of the day because they are unsure of where to put them.

It would also help if that person could keep a written record of what was brought because this would make the writing of thank you cards afterwards so much easier.

Have someone keep the kids entertained

This is an ideal job for a younger member of the bridal party. You will need toys, sweets and various distractions so that the young ones do not become too bored and make their feelings known. If you have lots of children attending, it might be an idea to hire a professional entertainer. Goody bags full of things to colour in and play with could be an excellent investment.

Obviously Toastmasters are very good at this task and can help out.

Carry an emergency kit bag

Growing in popularity this is a really sensible thing to do. This could well be the best thing you initiate all day! You will need to make a detailed list of what you might possibly need during the day such as paracetmol, plasters, toothpicks (you’d be surprised how useful these are!), tissues and even something that will camouflage a dress stain (chalk!)

You will need to put this together and hand it to someone you trust – such as the chief bridesmaid to look after it for you.

Many people do not always understand what a wedding toastmaster does and I’d be happy to explain it to you should you be considering using one for your wedding.

One of the most important tasks for a Wedding Toastmaster is to help run things on the day and we can help take the strain from the happy couple who can focus on their guests.

From Iwan
A Wedding Toastmaster at Your Service