Wedding Toastmasters

Wedding Toastmaster Duties

While many people believe that a Toastmaster’s role is one of simply announcing the speakers at an event. For a professional wedding toastmaster nothing could be further from the truth.

The Wedding Toastmaster duties will start long before your wedding day itself. I will be available to provide advice and guidance into the organisation and planning of your day, including advising on such things as etiquette and protocols through to timing of event son the day.

Preparing to give a wedding speech can be a source of stress for those involved and I will be on-hand to provide help and support to the speech givers as they prepare for the day.

A week or two before the day, I will meet with you to agree the details of the proceedings. This will give you the peace of mind to know that your wedding preparations will go to plan.

I will be on-hand during the day and specifically as a professional wedding toastmaster I will perform the following duties:

  • On the day I will arrive an hour before the guests are expected or the ceremony is due to start
  • Liaise with the Registrars and all hotel staff for all arrangements
  • Assist musicians to set up prior to guests arrival
  • Liaise with photographers and videographers
  • Ensure that the guests and Bridegroom are in the ceremony room before the Bride arrives
  • Lead the Bridal Party to the ceremony (if hotel wedding)
  • Greet the Bride & Bridegroom after the ceremony with the duty manager & champagne
  • Liaise with the hotel staff to ensure that the welcome drinks are ready and on time
  • Advise guests where various facilities are situated
  • Ensure that the photographer is advised of timings and assist where necessary
  • Call the guests to the wedding breakfast
  • Organise a receiving line if required and introduce the guests to the Host & Hostess and Bride & Bridegroom.
  • Introduce and lead the Bride & Bridegroom to the top table.
  • Says Grace or introduce a guest to say Grace if required
  • Advise guests how and when they will visit the food stations if a buffet meal.
  • Liaise with banqueting staff for delivery of food, wine, coffee and champagne
  • Ensure that all guests are comfortable and are properly catered for during the meal
  • Constantly ensure that the Bride & Bridegroom have everything they need during the meal
  • Ensure that the guest book is circulated and that table cameras are used
  • Take charge of presents, flowers etc that the Bride & Bridegroom may be presenting during the speeches and have them on hand at the appropriate time
  • Introduce the cake cutting.
  • Make sure that those giving speeches are prepared
  • Introduce the speakers
  • Lead the Bride & Bridegroom from the dining room after the meal
  • Direct guests to other rooms whilst the tables are cleared or moved and assist in the preparation for the evenings dancing
  • Announce the return of the guests for the evening reception and dancing
  • Introduce the Bride & Bridegroom’s first dance as ‘Mr & Mrs’

If you have any other duties that you think I could assist you with then I am happy to discuss these with you.

As a Welsh speaker, I am also able to provide my services through the medium of Welsh.

I look forward to helping you with your special day.

Wedding Toastmaster Wales & The Border Counties
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