A Wedding Toastmaster: Do You Need One?

Wedding Toastmaster WalesFor many brides it’s the biggest day of their life with every single aspect of the wedding planned to the smallest detail.

With so many responsibilities they could be forgiven for overlooking a crucial aspect of their wedding breakfast – a toastmaster.

The Master of Ceremonies doesn’t just announce the bride and groom’s entry to a waiting room of relatives and friends and then announce the speechmakers.

They can play a more involved, and indeed invaluable, role.

And while some venues will provide the Toastmaster – usually the venue manager – it would pay dividends to explore the idea of hiring a professional to do the job on the day.

One such Toastmaster is Iwan Jones, a Welsh-speaker who is a very popular choice and also a Fellow of the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters.

He says: “A Toastmaster will help co-ordinate the day for the bride, allowing them to enjoy it without worrying about the smaller details and whether things are running to time.”

As Master of Ceremonies, he or she will also ensure that the guests are welcomed in a professional manner and that they are relaxed and enjoying your day.

Toastmasters are happy to be involved in a wedding, whether large or small, and they will also ensure that the wedding runs according to plan.

Properly trained, they bring something special on what is already a very special day. A wedding Toastmaster will offer advice and support before and during the big day and make sure that every eventuality is covered.

So the toastmaster’s duties are not just restricted to making announcements but they will also bring a wealth of experience from meeting and greeting your wedding guests, to getting your guest book signed.

It’s these important small details that will help make such a big difference to the wedding.

Iwan adds: “Essentially a wedding Toastmaster is seen as a guardian of etiquette and is a long-standing tradition at most royal and formal weddings.

“Indeed, the wedding Toastmaster will wear a traditional grand red tailcoat with all the trimmings which brings a unique presence and formality to the happy couple’s big day.”

With a wedding being so special and so well planned, the question shouldn’t be whether you need a toastmaster for the event but how could you do without one.

Not only will they bring peace of mind that everything is running as it should; they are also professional and friendly and bring a special history to the wedding.

Ultimately, a wedding Toastmaster will take care of the bride and guests, giving the married couple time to relax, an opportunity to enjoy themselves so they have lots of fun on what is their special celebration.

From Iwan
A Wedding Toastmaster at Your Service