Everyone Has Their 15 Minutes of Fame…Even a Wedding Toastmaster!!

It was Andy Warhole who coined the phrase, “Everyone has their 15 minutes of fame”. I must have been cheated because my ‘moment of fame’ lasted only three and a half minutes!

For some unexplained reason I was recently contacted by a representative of Elan Productions, a film company with a contract to make a series of short films called ‘Calon’ about life in modern day Wales. Somehow I had come to their attention and they wished to produce a programme about my work as a Toastmaster. The programme was filmed in March of this year and broadcast in Welsh on S4C on the 19th July.

Although the programme is not scheduled for re-broadcasting in the near future, it can still be viewed on S4C’s CLIC website for the next twenty days or so. Here is a link to the video.  Don’t worry if you can’t soeak Welsh – there are English subtitles available.

I hope to incorporate the film on my own website in the near future, as soon as the necessary permissions have been received…so watch this space!

Wedding Toastmaster Wales & the Border Counties
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