Planning for Your Perfect Wedding Day – tips from Professional Wedding Toastmaster Iwan Jones

Planning for Your Wedding Day by Wedding Toastmaster WalesCongratulations!

You’ve announced that you’re getting married, or planning a civil partnership, and now begins the hard work.  But with some simple planning tips I can help you avoid feeling like the entire event is overwhelming you.

As a leading wedding toastmaster I have attended countless weddings and picked up a few things in my time! Here are my tips for planning for a perfect wedding day:

1.Turning your dreams into a reality is going to be fraught with problems. The first task you must do is to book a venue.  Whether you are wanting a church service or registry office for your ceremony you will have to book and you may find yourself having to compromise already. Once booked, you will need a venue for the reception (see tip 2!). Also, you may decide that you don’t want two separate venues and opt for somewhere that can host the wedding and reception under one roof. This is the stage where you also find that setting a wedding date is a big challenge – and remember that the season you choose will influence the theme and style of the wedding party outfits.

2. The next important task is find somewhere you like for the reception. Obviously, if you’ve opted to have the ceremony and reception in the same location (many hotels do great packages to cater for this market) you will have to find a venue for the reception. It’s important that you MUST visit it and discuss your plans with them. Popular venues book up years in advance so it might be wise to have a ‘Plan B’ in case your first choice of venue isn’t available. Or you can arrange your wedding date to fit in with availability.

3. Once you have arranged the date, the wedding venue and the reception then you need to tell everyone about it! You will have to send out your invitations promptly and this will probably mean ordering some impressive cards announcing the wedding. Many online sites offer some impressive designs. You can also do this bit yourself.

4. Once everyone knows when and where you are getting married, they will inevitably ask about wedding gifts. Unless you have something specific in mind, you can set up an online wedding gift facility at a number of stores – such as Argos and John Lewis – and people can buy what you actually want. No more receiving six toasters! The other benefit is that people will see what has already been bought for you and avoid replication.

5. And then comes the most important part for any bride – and probably the most frustrating and stressful – that of buying a bridal gown. Even when you have a fixed idea of what you want, trying to track it down can be difficult. Visit several bridal specialist stores. For accessories and outfits for other wedding party members try department stores and high street retailers such as BHS and Debenhams. Just don’t forget to hire the men’s suits too!

6. Everything else is then to be sorted out.  These include booking flowers, the photographer (make sure you visit them and have a look at their portfolio); cake makers, hair dressers for the big day; buy wedding rings; book somewhere to stay that night and don’t forget to book a honeymoon!

Oh, and don’t forget to hire yourself a wedding toastmaster – we can be invaluable on the day! Learn more about me and what I can do on my website pages.

There is a lot to do but you can share out the responsibilities and remember to start a checklist of what needs to be done and tick off items when they have been completed.

In addition, you can always ask your wedding toastmaster who will offer good advice because they attend so many weddings.

Good luck for your big day!

From Iwan
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