The 5 Most Stressful Things That Might Happen On Your Wedding Day and How To Avoid Them

Wedding toastmaster wales helps you avoid stressUnfortunately not every wedding runs smoothly and there are mishaps which can be avoided.

Firstly, it’s important that you write a schedule for the day and keep to it – I have a list of the five best tips to help your day run smoothly here.

So here’s my list of the five most stressful things that might happen on your wedding and how to avoid them:

Wedding dress disasters

By far the most common and most upsetting is having a dress disaster.

This usually occurs when the dress is delivered late or the bride has had fitting problems, such as the dress being too tight or loose. Or, worse, it rips when it is put on.

Avoid this by ensuring the last dress fitting occurs well in advance and then pay close attention to whether you intend losing weight (or indeed avoid gaining any!). There’s not a lot that can be done to gowns on the big day so every effort to avoid a problem should be taken.

Wrong names on the table plan and place cards

This is a minor hiccup but you’d be surprised how many people get upset by this – especially if they consider themselves to be a close friend or relative. It only takes a few minutes to go through the table plan and ensure the names are correct for it and the place cards on the table. Many people will laugh off a mistake but some will not.

It’s also important that anyone announcing names knows how to pronounce them. A toastmaster will sit down with you to ensure the correct pronunciation of any guests who will be called out.

Make up and hair dressing problems

For this situation it’s advisable to always have a ‘plan B’.

If you’ve booked a hairdresser and a make up artist to attend the bride on the morning of her big day and they don’t turn up there is going to be a problem. Not only is this stressful and upsetting but you will need someone who knows what you want doing and can step in at the last minute.

It might be worthwhile sourcing a local hairdressers who may be able to fit you in at the last minute to help save the day.

Missing or forgotten wedding rings

This is still quite common and even when lots of guests remind the best man whether he has the rings – and he will inevitably say yes – it still occurs that he is left scrambling around his pockets trying to locate them. Even worse is the dawning horror that he has, indeed, left them behind.

So to avoid this ask the best man to show you the rings – and more importantly – where he is keeping them for his moment to hand them over.

Unfortunately there isn’t really a Plan B for this and while it’s funny that a relative will step in and loan you theirs, it’s a moment ruined through lack of preparation.

Music mayhem and the DJ from hell

From having a DJ not turn up to a DJ playing inappropriate music, this can be a troublesome booking. For a no-show you’ll need a list of numbers of any local DJ who might be available. You’ll know fairly early on if this is going to happen because he/she should be set up in the morning of your wedding. So if a few hours before the bride and groom are due to be at the reception and there’s no DJ you have a problem.

The other issue is a DJ who doesn’t play the right music for the mood. For the meal you don’t want some obscure heavy metal band playing and in the evening you don’t want a DJ who refuses to play the cheesy music beloved of grans and aunties who get the children up to dance to.

For all of these problems, you will find a toastmaster is unbelievably helpful – and they usually come prepared for the unexpected accident or incident. They will check that everything that is meant to be in place is there and if not will help you resolve it.

From Iwan
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